I am a mystical romance novel author and decided at the end of 2017 that it was time to start writing that book, I had been talking about doing for years. I live in the UK and travel frequently to the Middle East. In writing The Tea Leaves Series, I have been reliving the past and delving back into the 1990’s and 2000, reminiscing about how young people fall in love. Mixed with a dash of fate, destiny and mysterious fortune-tellers!

Dating Destiny is Book 1 of the Tea Leaves Series and is set in 1998-2001.

When Nancy is betrayed in love, she gives up on romance, convinced she is not destined to find her soulmate. Then Nancy stumbles across Diana, a mysterious clairvoyant with an important message. But can Diana really see the future?

Zack, on the other hand, is careful to mind his heart, given his family’s ancient tradition of arranging marriages. Whilst keeping to himself has done him well so far, destiny has other plans in store for him. On the night that he and Nancy meet, two worlds collide and are changed forever.

Can two very different individuals find place in their lives for someone so unexpected?

Will Nancy and Zack, survive the disastrous consequences that fate has in store for them?

Desert Magick – Book 2: The Tea Leaves Series

Nancy and Zack’s story continues, intermingled with the mysterious fortune tellers, Madame Marigold and Diana.

Will Zack marry Nancy whatever the price?

Are their marriage plans approved by family and friends?

Will they reach their destiny or will fate intervene?

Desert Magick will be released shortly.

Fortune Fair is a short story prequel to The Tea Leaves Series that introduces Nancy at the end of her first year of college in 1997. Fortune Fair is a free gift to you as my newsletter subscribers and I hope you will enjoy reading it and meeting Nancy.

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Happy Reading!

Ellie Rose Hawkins